Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Pocket Gophers FAQs

What is the difference between a gopher and pocket gopher?

They are both gophers, however, pocket gophers are a type of gopher.

Do you recommend gopher trapping services?

Yes, at the moment we recommend a select few number of gopher control services.  Depending on your area we can most likely help you out.

What is the best way to get rid of a gopher?

Classic!  There's not one right answer to this question.  The best way to get rid of a gopher is to do your research.  Know which species of gopher you have in your area.  Assess the damage done to your property.  Keep in mind, catching gophers is sort of like fishing.  It takes time and effort to build the right technique.  However, we do recommend various types of traps based on customer satisfaction and success rate.

Do pocket gophers create burrows?

All pocket gophers create a tunnel system.  Which consists of various paths of travel.  Various tunnels are used for gathering food.  Where as emergency tunnels are used to escape the tunnel system in case of danger.

What do gophers eat?

Gophers love to eat roots of plants, corn, lettuce and various types of vegetables.  This is there main source for hydration.  That's why they like to eat roots from plants.  Gophers have also been known to really like peanut butter.  Most likely because of how gophers like squirrels like to eat nuts.  Various people claim gophers actually have a sweet tooth.  And that they actually love to eat gum!

How much damage can gophers cause?

Gophers are commonly referred to as pests.  They are very territorial and usually keep to themselves.  Once a gopher digs a tunnel system it means it will usually stay put until it runs out of a food supply.  Many gardeners and farmers resort to the use of traps and poison to get rid of these pests due to the agricultural damage they cause.