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Black Hole Gopher Trap


black hole gopher trap

The Blackhole Rodent Trap – * The Original Blackhole Trap! *Rids home,lawn, and garden of gophers, moles, rats and other rodent pests safely! *Easy-to-set trap catches rodents where they live-quickl

The Black Hole Pocket Gopher Trap

The Black Hole Gopher Trap is a great way to get rid of gophers.  Therefore, it is the my go to gopher control technique.  Also, it is simple to use and extremely cost effective.  It’s one of the most easy to way to excel in pocket gopher control.  I highly recommend the trap for beginners.  Setting the trap for gophers is displayed on the instructions.  Furthermore, the product illustration give a visual representation as to how to use the black hole gopher trap.  Check out pest control news for more information on related products.  In addition to this trap, I recommend getting a Ultrasonic Gopher Repellent.To learn more about this trap check out our frequently asked questions.

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